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Boiler and Heating System Installations

Boiler Installations

Combination boilers: Combination, or ‘combi’, boilers are space-saving, all-in-one appliances that provide you with both heating and hot water without the need for a hot water storage tank. They are typically best suited to flats or smaller houses with good mains water pressure, although larger combination boilers are available to cope with a greater heat demand.

Conventional boilers: A conventional, or heat only boiler, is a more traditional type of boiler that relies on cold water storage tanks typically found in your home’s loft and a hot water storage cylinder. Their popularity has declined rapidly in favour of system and combination boilers. There are significant advantages of combination or system boilers over conventional boilers (outlined in our blog post), but sometimes it is more practical and cost effective for the customer to stick with a conventional boiler. For more on gravity or vented cylinders, see our Hot Water Cylinder Installations page.

System boilers: System boilers directly produce heat for your radiators and hot water for a hot water cylinder. They are similar to regular boilers insofar as they need to store hot water, but they take their water supply from the mains rather than a storage tank. For those who have the space, a system boiler and unvented cylinder is usually the optimum heating system configuration. For more on unvented cylinders, see our Hot Water Cylinder Installations page. For more advantages of system boilers, see our blog post.

Condensing Boilers: Whether you go for a combi, system or a conventional boiler, all modern boilers are now ‘condensing’ boilers. A condensing boiler reclaims heat from waste gasses that would otherwise be lost and sends it back into the heating system. This saves energy and is far more environmentally friendly. Since April 2007, it has been a legal requirement that all new boiler installations in the UK must be condensing boilers.

When quoting for a job, we will discuss which type of boiler we feel is right for you and your home.

Underfloor Heating Installations

In many ways, underfloor heating is a far more efficient and cost-effective way to heat your home than traditional radiators. Underfloor heating only needs to run at around 29 degrees Celsius to fully heat a room, whereas radiators typically need to be heated to around 60-75 degrees Celsius. This is because underfloor heating heats a much larger surface area, heating the room more quickly and evenly than standard radiators. This makes underfloor heating the best option for keeping your bills lower.

ASP Plumbing and Heating Services are experienced in the design and installation of wet underfloor heating systems. We take accurate floor measurements and even account for the position of furniture and kitchen/bathroom appliances when planning an underfloor heating installation. We then pass this information onto manufacturers in order to get the correctly sized pipework kit ready for a quick and easy installation.

Underfloor heating is divided into two categories: wet and dry/electric. Dry underfloor heating is typically installed by a qualified electrician and consists of an electrical heating mat and a thermostat. Wet underfloor heating systems are a bit more complex and utilise pipework loops, a manifold, and a pump to circulate water heated by your boiler around different rooms of your home.


We have experience in installing all different types of radiators including standard panel radiators, decorative column radiators, and towel rails. We can do everything from radiator repositioning and relocation to one-off radiator and valve replacements, and we are even equipped to administer full house heating system refits.

We also offer advice on the best way to control your radiators, whether with traditional or contemporary type radiator valves, or with smart thermostatic radiator valves. Smart radiator valves are a great way to optimise your heating system and save you money on your energy bills.

Certain manufacturers of radiators offer a colour matching service that allows you to have a matching radiator colour to your wall colour. If provided with a colour name or sample, we can take care of the ordering and supply of custom coloured radiators.

Boiler Protection and Filters

Magnetic filters are installed onto your heating system pipework and help protect your boiler from damage related to sludge and magnetite build ups in the system. Magnetite is an oxidised metal from inside your pipework and radiators and, if left over time, it can build up to cause blockages and circulation problems. The filter gathers all of this debris to prevent it from blocking or causing damage to your system. We fit a magnetic filter on every new heating system we carry out and recommend that they are installed to all existing heating systems too. Maintaining a healthy and clean heating system is essential to prolonging the life of your boiler, saving you money on unwanted repairs and high energy bills. These filters are typically cleaned out at the same time as your annual boiler service. For information on smart magnetic filters, see smart heating controls. For more on the impact of sludge build ups in your heating system, see heating system flushing.

Multizone Heating and Smart Controls

Bigger properties with three or more floors benefit from the advantages of multi-zone central heating. Multi-zone heating is achieved by installing separate zone/motorised valves that control the flow of heat to each floor or zone. Each valve is controlled by its relevant thermostat. Zoned heating is perfect when certain areas of your home only need to be heated occasionally. This saves on a lot of wasted energy and can reduce your energy bills significantly by only heating rooms that are in regular use.

Zoned heating is typically implemented during a full heating system install as it requires separate pipework loops supplying each zone. If you are interested in zoned heating but do not want the upheaval that comes with altering primary heating system pipework, then it can be achieved through smart radiator controls. Smart thermostatic radiator valves can be installed in place of your existing radiator valves and only turn on their respective radiator when told to via an app or interface. For more on smart heating controls click here.

Experience Matters

With over ten years of experience in the domestic and light commercial heating industry, ASP Plumbing and Heating Services have the knowledge and experience to carry out planning, design and delivery of boiler and heating system installations.

We understand that every property and project is different. We can appropriately size boilers and radiators based on property size and heat requirements to ensure you have a system that runs efficiently and effectively.

ASP Plumbing and Heating Services recognise that a heating system is one of the most important parts of the home or workplace and will undertake any project, no matter how big or small.

We are approved installers for some of the leading boiler manufacturers (including Vaillant, Worcester, Baxi and Glowworm), which enables us to get the best manufacturer guarantees for our customers. Below we have outlined the types of boilers and systems we install.

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