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Garden Irrigation and Automatic Watering Systems in London

Dry spells and shaded areas can make many town gardens tough for plants. Plants in pots and containers tend to dry out more quickly than those in the open borders. Large gardens or outside patio spaces all require lots of watering. For the gardener this means a lot hard work with watering cans and hose. No wonder many gardeners are putting a automatic watering systems at the top of their wish list.

A garden irrigation system is designed to be automated. By turning the flow on and off they give your plants just the right amount of water, in the most efficient way. This gives the gardener more time to enjoy their green space, full of healthy, happy plants. Plants need water, whether you are there or not, installation of an automatic garden irrigation system will take care of the garden whilst you away for the weekend or on holiday for several weeks.

What is an Automatic Watering System?

Using an outdoor tap as the source, a network of pipes delivers water supply around your garden to where its needed. From this network you can then connect different types of delivery, to spray, drip or seep water according to the various plant requirements. See below for more on the different types.

The flow of water to into the pipes can be controlled by a central smart hub, turning water on and off based on predetermined schedules. The system can even be accessed by an app on your phone, allowing you to change schedules and turn the system on and off even when you are away from home.

Typically watering can be timed to avoid bright sun and evaporation. This helps the system to be more efficient with water use, The direct delivery of water to the plants means it goes only where needed, at a speed that can absorbed without runoff. Compared to using a hose, drip irrigation can use up to 90% less water!

With experience working on large outside irrigation systems as well as systems for highly sensitive plants such as bonsai trees, ASP Plumbing and Heating technicians can install automatic watering and irrigation systems for private individuals as well as commercial buildings.

How much does an Irrigation and Automatic Watering System cost?

The cost of an irrigation system can vary depending on the size of the space that needs to be covered, as well as the number of sensors/sprinklers that may be needed. We can help you with the planning of an effective garden watering systems that meets your needs and specific watering requirements of you plants

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Different Types Of Garden Watering Systems

A garden irrigation system works by delivering water to various parts the garden along a network of supply pipes using your garden tap as water source. With this set of supply pipes reaching the plants that you wish to water the next step is to choose how the water reaches your plants. This could be  a spray or sprinkler for a larger area of plants or lawn; a dripper for individual plants or planter; or a porous soaker hose that allows water droplets to seep out delivering water through the soil to the plant roots.

Click on the boxes below to find out more on these different ways of releasing water to your plants.

Drip irrigation is one of the most efficient method of getting water to your plants. The drip method is able to get moisture to the plant roots in a very exact way.

A network of pipes delivering water around a garden has drip emitters connected only where needed alongside the base of each plant. When switched on they will deliver a slow and consistent release of water. This targeting will helps to conserve water by minimising evaporation and any wasteful runoff that you might get with a hose or watering can.

These pipes can be placed between plants in beds and borders. They are porous which allows the water to seep through, droplets go on through the soil to the plant roots.

The steady supply will maintain moisture levels in the soil without any waterlogging. These pipes deliver targeted watering, ideal for young plants (by keeping tender leaves dry and free from fungus attack).

This type of pipe has integrated drippers evenly distributed along its length. Typically they will be spaced at 20 – 30 cm intervals along the hose. Slightly less targeted than individual drippers but still an efficient method of delivering water to you plants. This type of pipe is very unobtrusive on the soil surface or as a semi-underground installation

As with other methods water wastage is reduced and flow can be controlled via automated timers etc.

Linked to a garden water distribution network micro sprays can be fitted where needed. They create a fine low level spray that will typically cover an area of 2 to 3 metres. These systems are quick and easy to install, ideal  for coverage of small areas as opposed to individual specimens or planters, however they are not as efficient with water.

If you have larger areas of planting then a mini sprinkler will be the better option . Typically these will water  an area of 5 metres. Sprinkler products will produce larger droplets (than micro sprays), which helps to reduce evaporation and less risk of wind interference that can blow moisture away from its intended target.

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A garden irrigation system keeps your plants green and healthy

Watering lots of plants in beds and borders can be a hard task. An automatic watering system is efficient and effective. We can help. Use our contact form or call now 020 3858 0277.
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