By asking us to attend a property you are accepting our terms and conditions and pricing structure based on an hourly rate.

Job costing

Job costing is based on our hourly/daily rate, outlined in our prices section. This includes investigative/diagnostics work. The invoice total will be the sum of the time spent by the engineer, plus the cost of parts/materials and any congestion charge/ULEZ/parking costs. VAT is chargeable on the invoice total.

  • We reserve the right to request partial or full payment in advance at our discretion.
  • The minimum charge for a job is one hour (£80+VAT).
  • Materials supplied by us will be charged at the trade price plus a 20% handling charge.
  • We must be notified of any job cancellations at least 24 hours before the scheduled appointment. Failure to do so will result in a charge relative to the scope of the agreed works.
  • If you instruct us to carry out works or buy materials and then cancel, we reserve the right to charge you for the cost of any time and materials incurred by us.

Collection of materials

We try to minimise collection of materials by carrying standard stock items. Unfortunately, we can’t stock everything and specialist materials/parts may need to be collected or ordered following a repair diagnosis. We always try to keep collection times down to a minimum and will inform of you of the estimated collection time before we leave.

Fixed Price work.

Job estimates include labour and materials only. Costs incurred from parking and congestion charge are additional. VAT is charged on all works at a rate of 20%, this is always clearly displayed in the job estimate. The price will be fixed but manifest errors shall be exempted.

Estimates will be revised if the client changes the scope of the work, if there is change in materials costs, or if further works are deemed necessary. If it is not possible for us to carry out the work for the initial agreed price we will provide a free estimate for the additional works.


Invoices are to be paid within 15 days of the issue date, unless agreed otherwise. We reserve the right to request partial or full payment for fixed-price works in advance. With the exception of liability claims we do not renegotiate or refund completed jobs. After one month, unpaid invoices may lead to legal action.

Time Keeping.

We will make every effort to attend each job at the agreed time and date. If for any reason we cannot keep to agreed day/time we will give the customer as much notice as possible. Due to the nature of our work and unforeseen issues on other jobs that can affect timekeeping, we cannot accept liability for arriving late or cancelling appointments.


All labour carried out by ASP Plumbing and Heating Services is guaranteed for 12 months. If you are not satisfied with the work carried out, we request that you contact us within 12 months by writing. You agree that:

  • If you do not contact us within 12 months we cannot accept liability.
  • Our insurers may inspect any works carried out by us.
  • As per manufacturer’s instructions, if your boiler is not serviced every year, your boiler guarantee will be void.
  • We only guarantee our labour. Unfortunately we cannot guarantee parts due to the possibility of manufacturing faults and breakdowns that are out of our control. We endeavour to supply top quality parts.

Things we cannot cover.

The following circumstances cannot be guaranteed by ASP Plumbing and Heating Services:

  • If parts or equipment are misused, treated negligently or if our work is modified or tampered with by anyone other than us.
  • Work carried out using parts or materials supplied by the client.
  • Damage to property (leaks, pipe joint failure etc) as a result of powerflushing a central heating system, pressurising an existing fully pumped central heating system, or pressurising existing gravity-fed hot and cold pipework.
  • Work that we are ordered to carry out against our advice, given either orally or in writing. Or, if we indicate that further works are required.
  • Any work to unblock waste or drainage pipes.
  • Damage or defects caused by work that is not fully guaranteed or where recommended further work has not been carried out.
  • Work on existing installations that are either inferior or older than 10 years, nor can we guarantee the effectiveness of our work in these cases.
  • Unless otherwise indicated, estimates are related to plumbing only and do not include any building work, redecoration or making good. Although care will be taken, we cannot be held responsible for any consequential damage that arises while gaining access to areas where works are required.


  • We will only be liable for rectifying our own work and shall not be held responsible for work carried out by another tradesperson/company.
  • We shall not be held liable for any delay, or consequences of any delay, in carrying out work if the delay is due to any cause beyond our reasonable control and we shall be entitled to reasonable time extensions.
  • If you believe that we have not carried out work that we set out to do in the correct manner or have caused consequential problems through our actions, we will arrange with you to carry out an investigation of the problem at the earliest possible opportunity. This will be a chargeable visit, at our standard hourly/call out fee of £80+VAT.

If it is found that the problems have been caused by negligence or as a consequence of our actions, we will endeavour to put matters to right at our expense and refund you the cost of the investigating visit as well, subject to our terms and conditions.

If we discover that the issues raised are not related to work carried out by ourselves, we will provide an explanation of the current problem and an estimate for the cost of putting it right.

If the issue is due to a misunderstanding of the instructions that you received from our engineer or tradesperson at the time, then this will be a chargeable visit.

Service Visits

  • We do not offer service contracts for gas appliances, nor do we send service reminders. It is your responsibility to arrange for any services/gas safety checks if required.
  • Gas Appliance servicing is carried out as per the manufacturer’s instructions. Boiler servicing does not include checks to external pumps, valves or diverters.
  • With respect to any new boiler installation, it is your responsibility to ensure that boiler servicing is carried out annually by ASP Plumbing or any other approved Gas Safe engineer. Failure to do so will invalidate the extended manufacturer’s warranty.
  • We guarantee our work and that our representative will have conducted all the necessary steps to ensure the appliance is working correctly and to its optimum efficiency at the time of the service. In the course of this work, our representative may recommend further works or new parts, either to the appliance or associated installation. These recommendations may be mandatory repairs in order to keep the appliance running safely, or advised repairs to improve system efficiency.
  • Service visits can’t always establish the likelihood of a particular part failing in the future; while there are certain indicators which our representative will be trained to look for, these signs may not have manifested at the time of the service. We cannot be held liable for subsequent appliance or part failure following a service, an additional chargeable visit would be required to establish the cause and effect of the fault on the appliance.