Leaking or Dripping Taps

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Leaking and Dripping Taps

Plumbing and Heating Engineer North LondonDripping or Leaking Taps

We fix leaking taps all over north London. Dripping or leaking taps can be a niggling irritation and can add unneccesary costs to your water bill.  If left untreated, it can have a devastating effect on décor and even on the structure of the building.  Underfloor leaks can rot structural timber, such as joists and bearers, which is why it’s important to address leaking taps right away. 

If you notice a dripping tap or suspect a leak in your home, try to monitor when it is as its worst. If the leak appears worse when you take a shower or bath, then the seals or waste pipes could be at fault. Also, if the pressure on your heating system is constantly dropping, there could be a leak somewhere on the central heating circuit. 

Water leaks, burst pipes, or dripping taps, whatever the issue,  ASP Plumbing & Heating are experts in plumbing and can repair your dripping tap or fix your water leak problem.

Types of Taps

Taps come in two main types: traditional taps and lever handled taps. Traditional taps rely on a rubber washer that, once worn or perished, will cause the tap to drip as it cannot fully stem the flow of water. Lever handled taps usually only rotate a quarter turn and rely on a ceramic disc cartridge. The ceramic disc cartridge is often very specific to a certain tap manufacturer and will need to be specially ordered. If the manufacturer cannot be identified then it is sometimes easier to replace the entire tap.

Tap Brands

We replace dripping taps with a wide variety of tap styles and brands including Bristan, Dornbracht and Crosswater,  including Quooker instant boiling water taps.  If you aren’t sure which one is right for you, then just ask and we’ll advise you on the best one for your needs.  Just give ASP Plumbing & Heating a call.

Water Stains

Water leaks from baths and showers, caused by poor sealant or defective waste traps, are a common cause of water stains on ceilings. Damaged central heating pipes, hot and cold feeds and waste pipes can also be origins of water leaks. If you notice a water stain on a wall or ceiling, don’t delay in calling ASP Plumbing & Heating. We are experienced in locating household leaks and can usually diagnose the problem within an hour.

Burst Pipes

In the event of a burst pipe or major leak, try to locate your stopcock as quickly as possible. This will shut off the water supply to your property.  The stopcock can usually be found under the kitchen sink or within a water main cover outside of the property. Turning the stopcock clockwise will shut off the supply. However stopcocks often seize up when not used over a period of years. Call ASP Plumbing & Heating and we’ll repair your pipes as quickly and efficiently as possible. 

Dripping taps and other water leaks can cost you money or ruin your home. Both can be avoided. Call ASP Plumbing & Heating at 020 3858 0277.


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